The Southern Association of 学院和学校 Commission on 大学 (SACSCOC) is the regional accrediting body for higher education institutions in the southern United States and Latin America. 德克萨斯南方大学 is accredited by SACSCOC to award bachelor's, 硕士, 专业, 还有博士学位. Accreditation is reaffirmed every 10 years and is crucial for TSU's reputation and access to federal grants, including funding for student financial aid.

SACSCOC accreditation involves the development of a 品质提升计划 (QEP) which:

  • (a) Identifies a topic through ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes.
  • (b) Gains broad-based support from institutional constituencies.
  • (c) Focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student success.
  • (d) Commits resources to initiate, implement, and complete the QEP.
  • (e) Includes a plan to assess the achievement of its goals.


SACSCOC defines the 品质提升计划 (QEP) as a vital part of the reaffirmation of accreditation process. It stems from an institution’s continuous planning and evaluation processes. The QEP demonstrates a commitment to improving overall institutional quality and effectiveness by focusing on key issues that enhance student learning outcomes and success.

TSU's QEP is a multi-year initiative designed to enhance student learning and success. Titled "45天内14场比赛: Addressing the Whole Student from Application to Graduation," this plan aims to provide comprehensive support in 14 critical areas, ensuring students thrive from the moment they apply to TSU until they graduate.

Let's delve into the 14 plays that form the foundation of our QEP:

  • Play 1: 申请及录取s
  • 玩法2:财政援助
  • Play 3: 建议 and 登记
  • Play 4: 机构技术
  • Play 5: 学术技能发展
  • 玩法6:自我管理
  • 游戏7:自我意识
  • 玩法8:激励
  • 玩法9:自我实现
  • 玩法10:健康
  • 玩法11:教师参与
  • 玩法12:过渡到Major
  • 玩法13:校园互动
  • 玩法14:居住参与

These plays are designed to provide targeted support in each area, ensuring a holistic approach to student success and development.